Core – HIIT Workout

This weekend I increased the weight for arms and legs and am still sore. I didn’t want to skip the gym for a 2nd day, so I decided to do an all core work out, which I rarely ever do. This workout will torch your abs! In the middle, the burn will be so strong. You’ll feel like you want to stop, but don’t stop! Push through, slow down, and enjoy the 1-2 minute rests!

Warm Up
Jog on treadmill for 3 minutes on 6.0 incline at speed of 4.5

Warm Up Core
Ab wheel (x5)

Complete each ab circuit two times nonstop. After completing the circuit twice, take a 1-2 minute rest before moving onto the next circuit.

Circuit 1 (x2) nonstop
1. Crunches (x40)
2. Leg lifts (x20)
3. Heel touches (x40 total)
4. V-ups (x20)
Rest 1-2 minutes

Circuit 2 (x2) nonstop
1. Bicycle Crunches (x40 total)
2. Russian Twists w/ 8lbs (x40 total)
3. Straight Leg Jack Knifes (x20)
4. Push Ups (x15)
Rest 1-2 minutes

Circuit 3 (x2) nonstop
1. Flutter Kicks (x40 total)
2. Dumbbell Tuck Crunches w/ 6lbs (x20)
3. Hip Extensions w/ 10lbs (x20)
4. Jumping Jacks (x40)

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Love Yourself Cover

Here is my cover of Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself from his album Purpose. This song is so catchy! This is one of the few times I’ve made a cover without using any kind of voice effect or enhancer, so I’m a little nervous about posting this one… but here it is! Tell me what you think and don’t forget to follow me on my music instagram and facebook!

Bosu Ball – Fully Body – HIIT Workout

My Workout (Bosu Ball): 3/1/16

I need different kinds of exercises to stay entertained and motivated so, today I thought I’d give the bosu ball a try. I’ve never used it before but know that balancing on this bad boy is great for strengthening your core! Here is my Bosu Ball workout from today. I must warn you, it IS TOUGH. I was struggling on the last circuit, but I felt SO AMAZING and accomplished after!! Give it a try and tell me what you think!

Remember, if you’re not sure what an exercise is or how to do it, you can always google it or youtube it, or even ask me! Also if you find yourself struggling to complete a circuit, slow down but push yourself to finish! You can always remove weights or tweak an exercise to your level and comfort zone!

Warmup on Treadmill
Incline / Speed / Minutes
15 / 3.0 / 2
15 / 4.5 / 1
13 / 2.8 / 2
13 / 5.0 / 1
10 / 3.0 / 2

Circuit 1 (Arms): Complete this circuit nonstop for 7 minutes.
1. Burpee/Push up holding bosu (x10) Bosu should be upside down
2. Plank w/ knee to elbow (x10 each leg) Bosu should be upside down
3. Row Plank w/ legs on bosu holding 8lbs dumbbells (x10 total)
4. Cross over steps & hip twist holding 8lb medicine ball (x20 total)

Circuit 2: (Legs): Complete this circuit nonstop for 7 minutes
1. Cross over steps (x30 total)
2. Jump onto bosu front squats (x10)
3. Sumo squats w/ one leg on bosu (x10 each leg)
4. Lunges w/ one leg on bosu (x10 total)

Circuit 3: (Full Body with the Bosu Ball upside down): 7 minutes
1. Pushups (x10)
2. Squats holding 12lbs (x10)
3. Mountain Climbers (x40 total)
4. Plank Position Leg Raises (x10 each leg)

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