Core – HIIT Workout

This weekend I increased the weight for arms and legs and am still sore. I didn’t want to skip the gym for a 2nd day, so I decided to do an all core work out, which I rarely ever do. This workout will torch your abs! In the middle, the burn will be so strong. You’ll feel like you want to stop, but don’t stop! Push through, slow down, and enjoy the 1-2 minute rests!

Warm Up
Jog on treadmill for 3 minutes on 6.0 incline at speed of 4.5

Warm Up Core
Ab wheel (x5)

Complete each ab circuit two times nonstop. After completing the circuit twice, take a 1-2 minute rest before moving onto the next circuit.

Circuit 1 (x2) nonstop
1. Crunches (x40)
2. Leg lifts (x20)
3. Heel touches (x40 total)
4. V-ups (x20)
Rest 1-2 minutes

Circuit 2 (x2) nonstop
1. Bicycle Crunches (x40 total)
2. Russian Twists w/ 8lbs (x40 total)
3. Straight Leg Jack Knifes (x20)
4. Push Ups (x15)
Rest 1-2 minutes

Circuit 3 (x2) nonstop
1. Flutter Kicks (x40 total)
2. Dumbbell Tuck Crunches w/ 6lbs (x20)
3. Hip Extensions w/ 10lbs (x20)
4. Jumping Jacks (x40)

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