2016 Resolution Reflection

Can you believe we’re already half way done with 2016? This year is passing by speedily so, I wanted to reflect on the new years resolutions I made in January and see how much progress I’ve made!

  1. Gaining (muscle, toning up, happiness): I’ve definitely gained muscle and gotten much stronger than I was last year. I’ve also toned up in my arms and legs, but it’s still an enjoyable work in progress! Happiness is still something I’m constantly struggling to find, but here is what I’ve realized. Life is full of ups and downs. You’re going to have days where you love life and are extremely happy. But you’ll also have days where you feel discouraged and low. I think as long as you don’t lose sight of the bigger picture you will find happiness. After all, it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey there, right? So fill your life with little exciting events that make you happy but don’t forget to work towards your ultimate goals and aspirations!
  2. Losing (fat loss, stress, negativity): I’ve leaned out and lost a bunch of fat since last year, so that’s good. Unfortunately, I’ve experienced so much negativity these past few months and it’s been causing me too much unnecessary stress. Moving forward, I’m going to actively make sure it does not bother me. I am going to actively remove the negativity and take back control over my feelings and well being! This is something I need to work on!
  3. Giving (volunteering, inspiring, motivating): I’ve volunteered once this year. I’m very disappointed with myself in that. I’m going to go sign up for some volunteer opportunities right now! As far as motivating and inspiring goes, I think I’m doing a good job with that by staying consistent with my fitness posts and music covers. My true aspiration in life is to help people by motivating and inspiring them to live a happy and healthy life, to follow their passions, and do what they love. In fact half of the reason I actively post via social media is because I hope to reach out to others and get them to be active in staying fit and healthy and to actively participate in things that they love! Whether it be just a hobby, work, or lifestyle, I want people to join me on this journey of all smiles and good vibes! I want to create a community of bright and encouraging people! =)

Good reflecting! Let’s keep progressing through the rest of this year!

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3 thoughts on “2016 Resolution Reflection

  1. Great job on reflecting on your goals and resolutions! I always half-heartedly make them so I always forget about them by this time in the year.

    Love the giving one, need to think about how I can do that better too ❤


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