About Me

My name is Tania and I like to sing and make covers. I’m also a fitness enthusiast and love to stay fit and healthy! Check out the different categories on my blog to learn more about myself, my covers, and my lifestyle. I hope to inspire and motivate you along the way!

My true aspiration in life is to help people by motivating and inspiring them to live a happy and healthy life, to follow their passions, and do what they love. In fact half of the reason I actively post via social media is because I hope to reach out to others and get them to be active in staying fit and healthy and to actively participate in things that they love! Whether it be just a hobby, work, or lifestyle, I want to people to join me on this journey of all smiles and good vibes! I want to create a community of bright and encouraging people!

Don’t forget to follow me on my other social media sites! Your support is greatly appreciated!

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