Full Body – HIIT Workout #5

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a workout, probably because I’ve been slacking A LOT at the gym lately. It feels so good to be back! Here is my full body HIIT workout.

Warm up: Treadmill
Incline / Speed / Minutes
15 / 3.0 / 2
15 / 5.0 / 1
13 / 2.8 / 2
13 / 5.0 / 1
10 / 2.8 / 2

Complete each circuit 2 times non stop. Take a 1 minute rest before moving to the next circuit. All exercises are completed with dumbbells.

Circuit 1: Shoulders & Back
-Shoulder press w/ 6lbs (x10)
-One hand back rows w/ 8lbs (x10 each arm)
-Shoulder later fly w/ 6lbs (x10)
-Deadlifts w/ 12lbs in each hand (x10)

Circuit 2: Legs & Abs
-Squat press w/ 8lbs (x10)
-Leg lifts (x20)
-Cross over steps w/ stool (x40 total)
-Bicycle crunches (x40 total)
-Knee ups on stool w/ 10lbs each hand (x12 each leg)

Circuit 3: Arms & Abs
-Push ups (x10)
-Regular crunches (x40)
-Tricep extension w/ 10lbs (x10)
-V-ups (x20)
-Russian twists w/ 8lbs (x40 total)
-Jumping Jacks (x40)

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Dangerous Woman Cover

Here is my latest cover of Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman. I’m absolutely in love with this song! It makes me feel strong and powerful =) I had a blast singing my heart out into this one! Let me know what you all think! ❤

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